Your 12-Week Blueprint to Online Visibility and Sales Growth


Are you a small business owner who's put your heart and soul into your website only to see minimal traffic and sales?

without overwhelming you with technical jargon.

It's time to change that.

Introducing "SEO Simplified for Success" - a membership programme designed to demystify SEO, boost your online presence, and increase sales

Increase Your Sales: Attract more visitors and convert them into customers.

Boost Your Website's Visibility: Learn how to climb the ranks in search engine results.

Unlock the Mystery of SEO: Break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand language.

Tailored for Small Business Owners: Specifically designed for the unique challenges you face.

Why Choose SEO Simplified for Success?

Apply CRO techniques to turn your website visitors into customers, optimizing every aspect of your site for sales.

Learn tactics to increase user engagement, such as interactive content and compelling calls-to-action.

Utilise proven content frameworks that resonate with readers and rank well in search engines.

Content That Converts

Apply UX principles to ensure your site is intuitive, user-friendly, and conducive to conversions.

Prioritise mobile responsiveness to cater to the majority of web users and improve search engine rankings.

Implement strategies to significantly reduce load times, keeping visitors engaged.

Optimise Your Website:

Understand the intent behind searches to align your content with what your audience is truly seeking.

Learn how to analyze what's working for your competitors and how to apply those insights to your strategy

Learn how to pick winning keywords that attract your ideal customers.

Master Keyword Selection

What You'll Achieve

This programme is crafted for small business owners who have built their own websites, or outsourced their web design but struggle to attract visitors.

If you're wondering why your website isn't showing up on Google or why your traffic is dwindling, "SEO Simplified for Success" is your solution.

Who Is This For?

1. Practical and Actionable: Straightforward strategies you can start implementing immediately.
2. Supportive and Guided: Access to experts and a community of like-minded business owners.
3. Results-Driven: Focused on tangible outcomes - increased visibility, traffic, and sales.

SEO Simplified for Success" is unique because it's designed with small business owners in mind. I know you don't have time for complicated jargon or impractical strategies. This programme is:

Proven Strategies From My Client Successes

Why Us?

Ready to Transform Your Online Presence?

Don't let your website be the internet's best-kept secret. Join "SEO Simplified for Success" and start attracting the traffic and customers your business deserves.

Professional Serivces

It's a big learning journey for me but you've been very supportive along the way. I like that it's broken down into smaller segments and not just a huge long webinar. I have learned a lot and I will definitely be going back to sections of it in the future.

People are talking...

E-Commerce Business

Love the size of the modules as well they're nice and short which helps to retain the info plus the action steps at the end to put into practice help to really drive home the learnings. Delighted I signed up to this course and will definitely be recommending!


I honestly had no clue starting this course how to use SEO or add it to my work but this course has completely changed my perspective it on it and I've learned so so much.


Focuses on creating SEO-friendly content and designs, crafting effective meta tags, optimizing URL structures, and image optimization to enhance site visibility and user engagement.

On-Page SEO

Covers the significance of keywords, different types, and tools for effective research. Analyzes metrics to understand search volume, competition, and keyword relevance for SEO strategy.

Keyword Research


Explores SEO's basics, search engine algorithms, and the pivotal differences between SEO and SEM. Learners gain insight into SERPs, core SEO elements, and best practices for a solid foundation.

Fundamentals of SEO


intentionally created to be easy to understand

9 Jam-Packed Modules


Highlights the importance of local SEO, optimizing Google My Business profiles, building local citations, and targeting local keywords to improve local search rankings for small businesses.

Local SEO

Delves into site speed improvement, mobile optimization, voice search, SSL security, ensuring site crawlability and indexing, and introduces sitemap examples for various platforms.

Technical SEO


Examines the role of content in SEO, developing a content strategy, exploring various content types and formats, and promoting content for enhanced visibility and engagement.

Content Marketing

Introduces Google Analytics, including setup, understanding basic metrics, and using data to make informed decisions for refining SEO strategies and improving site performance.

Google Analytics


Discusses the importance of backlinks, guest posting, and building a social profile for effective link building, essential for enhancing site authority and SEO success.

Off-Page SEO

Guides on avoiding Google penalties by adhering to SEO ethics, distinguishing between white hat and black hat SEO tactics to maintain site integrity and rankings.

Google Penalties and SEO Ethics