Key Details of the TOV

Global Collaboration: Your choice of a web-designer isn't geographically limited. Opt for any competent professional worldwide.

Quotation Submission: Every service availed requires three quotes to be submitted as part of the LEO application process.

Completion Window: Once the voucher is sanctioned, a six-month period is available to accomplish the outlined digital tasks.

Reimbursement Protocol: Payment to suppliers precedes the drawing down of the voucher value. This will necessitate valid documentation.

Voucher Iterations: For those wishing to upgrade or expand their current online offerings, a second TOV application can be considered.

Scope of Coverage: The scheme covers a wide array of online integrations, from basic payment gateways to apps that streamline online trade.

Extending the Reach: Beyond web design, the scheme supports visual branding, marketing initiatives, and even a portion of digital advertising (maximum 30% of voucher value).

Mandatory Seminar: Before initiating the TOV application, attendance at a seminar conducted by a Local Enterprise Office is required.

Eligibility Factor: A minimum business tenure of 6 months is crucial for the application.

Service Provider Selection: Though multiple quotes are essential, the final choice of service provider is entirely up to the applicant.

Preparation is Key: To maximize the benefits, a detailed project scope is recommended. Always feel free to seek guidance.

VAT Considerations: The quoted voucher value does not encompass the VAT levied by suppliers.

 * Email Marketing * Online Courses * Web Design * Search Engine Optimisation * Content Marketing * Copywriting * Website Maintenance * Email Marketing * Online Courses * Web Design * Search Engine Optimisation * Content Marketing * Copywriting * Websites * 

 * Email Marketing * Online Courses * Web Design * Search Engine Optimisation * Content Marketing * Copywriting * Websites * Email Marketing * Online Courses * Web Design * Search Engine Optimisation * Content Marketing * Copywriting * Websites * 

How Can We Assist?

Should you consider leveraging the Trading Online Voucher, whether it's your first time or a subsequent application, I'm here to offer clarity and support. The TOV covers the following services that we can provide you:
  • IT Consultation
  • New eCommerce Site Development (from scratch)
  • Upgrade of Existing eCommerce Site
  • Implementing an Online Payments System or interactive booking system
  • Development of a Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Subscriptions to low cost online retail platform solutions
  • Online Advertising
  • Training specific to the establishment of trading online
  • Copy (written or graphic content) for website
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services - process of optimising the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engines search results
  • Analysis of Existing Site Analytics - analysing web data for purposes of understanding and optimising web usage

Recognising the value of a robust online presence has never been more relevant. With the Trading Online Voucher, let's collaboratively ensure that your digital transition is smooth and rewarding.

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Your website isn't just a digital storefront; it's the heart of your online presence. We craft visually stunning, user-friendly websites that are optimized from the ground up.

Search Engine Optimisation

Don't just exist – dominate your online space. We amplify your brand's voice with targeted SEO strategies, bringing in organic traffic that’s eager to engage.

Email Marketing

Dive deep into the potential of your audience with tailored email marketing solutions. From captivating welcome sequences to monthly newsletters, we handle it all.

Make your systems work for you. We ensure your digital tools speak fluently to each other, automating processes and boosting efficiency.

Unlock clarity in just 90 minutes! Dive into a tailored session to navigate the digital maze, set clear goals, and carve out the optimal path for your brand's success. 

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1:1 Strategy Calls

We ensure your website remains full optimised each month and  provide an easy to understand analysis report. Moreover, I craft compelling blog content that doesn’t just resonate – it drives action. 

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