Whether you’re mending bodies, upholding justice, or managing numbers, there's a story waiting to be told. Our specialised email marketing services are designed to bridge the gap between your exceptional services and the individuals who need them the most.

 In a world full of noise, you need to be more than just seen; you need to be memorable. With Lotus Optimisation, consider your message amplified. 


Want an email Marketing strategy that is As unique As your business?

Want An Email Marketing Strategy That Is As Unique As Your Business?

Amplify my message

Beyond Metrics: Crafting Genuine Connections.

Why lotus optimisation? 

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We craft bespoke email strategies, uniquely suited to your brand and audience, ensuring your message resonates every time.

Tailored Mastery

It's not just about sending emails, we emphasize connection, ensuring that each campaign speaks directly to your audience.

The Human Touch

We pair beautiful design with potent strategy, focusing on delivering measurable results that propel your business forward.

Results You Can Measure

We're always learning, ensuring your campaigns benefit from the latest trends and techniques.

Continuous Evolution



Email Marketing

Embark on your email marketing journey with a rock-solid foundation. This package ensures a smooth setup and captivating designs, giving your brand the perfect launchpad. Package includes:
  • Seamless email marketing integration, making sure your tools are perfectly synchronized.
  • Four professionally crafted email templates tailored for email marketing platform, i.e. ConvertKit/MailChimp/Klaviyo. Each design echoes your brand's unique identity and ethos.

The Foundations Package

Say farewell to tedious hours wrestling with integrations and the fear of potential system mishaps. Streamline your processes with tech solutions that talk to each other effortlessly, ensuring zero glitches.

Perfect for...

Starting your email journey
Want emails to align with your brand
Create better standardisation across email communications 
Improve your client/customer experience
Enhance your scalabilty
Maximise Efficiency

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Perfect for anyone that wants.. 

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Bypass the hurdles of setup intricacies and lackluster email designs and grow your audience pool consistently, establish authority in your field, and nurture leads with sequences that convert.

Your journey into email marketing deserves more than just a starting point; it needs momentum. Our List Magnifier Package not only provides a robust foundation but also gears you up for expansive growth. Package includes:
  • Everything in the Foundations Package
  • Engaging landing page creation to attract and retain potential clients.
  • Valuable lead magnet development, highlighting your expertise and offering real solutions.
  • An automated email sequence post-download, carefully crafted with three emails aimed to convert high-ticket offers.

Lead magnet examples: resource sheets, how-to-guides, templates, and checklists
To start their email journey
Grow their subscriber list
A high quality lead magnet without the time commitment
Emails that align with your brand
To create better standardisation across all communications 
Improve their client/customer experience
Enhance their scalabilty
Maximise Efficiency
Struggle with IT platforms


Perfect for anyone that wants.. 

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To grow meaningful connections with clients/customers
Have a more consistent email strategy
Emails that align with your brand
Improve their client/customer experience
Enhance their scalabilty
Maximise Efficiency
Struggle with the time commitment needed for email marketing
To receive monthly reports on performance
A trust professional representing their brand

Avoid the pitfall of being forgotten by your subscribers due to inconsistent communication. We'll ensure you maintain a consistent and impactful presence in your audience's inbox, reinforcing your brand's value proposition. 

We keep you informed about your email performance, making agile tweaks and adaptations, ensuring your content remains relevant and engaging.

Consistency is the linchpin of successful email marketing. Don’t just start strong; keep the momentum going month after month. Our Continuous Connection Package ensures you’re always top-of-mind for your audience, nurturing connections and deepening trust. Package includes:
  • Fortnightly email newsletters, keeping your audience updated, engaged, and eager for more.
  • Comprehensive analysis & reporting, providing insights into what’s working and what can be enhanced.
  • A/B testing for continual improvement, ensuring your emails always hit the mark.
  • Additional emails at €125 each, catering to any specific or timely needs you may have.

Add Ons

Email Funnels

Every new subscriber is a budding relationship, and first impressions truly matter. Our Welcome Sequence ensures you start off on the right foot, building a foundation of trust and value from day one.

Prevent early-stage subscriber drop-offs or list stagnation. The Welcome Sequence helps keep the initial enthusiasm alive, setting the stage for a long-term connection. It also lets them know the kind of valuable content they can anticipate, encouraging them to keep an eye out for your emails.

Welcome Sequence

The Perfect First impression


  • Brand Introduction
  • Exclusive Offer
  • Content Highlights
  • Upcoming Event
  • Social Media Links
  • Feedback Invitation
  • Personal Message
  • Testimonials
  • Navigation Tips


Your relationship with a client doesn't end once they've made a purchase. In fact, it's just beginning. Our Post-Purchase Sequence ensures you continue the conversation, elevating their buying experience and opening doors for future interactions.

By staying in touch post-purchase, you reduce buyer's remorse and lay the groundwork for future interactions, ensuring they remember and cherish their buying experience. Whether it's another purchase, a testimonial, or a referral, the Post-Purchase Sequence paves the way for continued brand interaction.

Post-Purchase Sequence


  • Product Care Tips
  • Exclusive Discount
  • Loyalty Program Introduction
  • Upcoming Event
  • Request for Reviews
  • Community Invitation
  • Troubleshooting or Support
  • Personalised Recommendations
  • Teasers for New Releases


Beyond the 'Thank You'

From €450

Email Funnels Add-ons

Navigating the online realm can be overwhelming, especially when you've poured so much heart and effort into nurturing your business. Trusting someone with its digital persona? It's no minor decision.

Every drop of dedication you've invested, every late-night strategy, and every milestone celebrated, we recognize and honor that journey. And it's precisely why Lotus Optimisation was born - to support businesses like yours in amplifying their online footprint, sparking meaningful engagements, and driving robust sales. With us, your business isn't just another name on a client list. We're genuinely invested in its growth, sharing the same aspirations and dreams as you.

Amplify, Engage, Thrive: Our Pledge to You.

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