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In 2024, website accessibility transcends being a mere option to a vital necessity, intertwining with SEO to offer an inclusive, legally compliant, and enhanced user experience. This blog delves into why accessibility is essential, its legal implications, and its growing importance in an era increasingly reliant on voice search technologies, demonstrating how accessible design benefits both users and businesses.

Why Website Accessibility is Critical for SEO in 2024 - Blog Cover Image

Why Website Accessibility is Critical for SEO in 2024

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Eyebrows are a small feature on someone face. You don’t really notice that they are there, but you know something is off when they aren’t. Since Rihanna is the talk of the town after her recent Super Bowl half-time show performance, we’ll use her as an example. Can you spot the one major difference in […]

The Power Of Eyebrow Text. Add definition to your landing page and draw attention to what your business is all about.

The Power of Eyebrow Text